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Our Beliefs  


To be the Light of Christ and spread the Love of Christ.


  • To engage young generations and to motivate them to grow in God’s love while nurturing their potential and talents.
  • To embrace each other; support and assist each other in all types of conditions, be it physical and spiritual.
  • To encourage members to become loyal Catholic cadres and to become the salt and light in the world in their Church, communities, and daily life.
  • To empower members to live in Christian life, with a spirit that shines in accordance with the gospel, the sacred traditions, and the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church so that they can create positive impacts in the world

The Basis of our Community

  • The redemption of Jesus on the cross to bring the Light of Christ to those who believe in him (John 3:16, 19)

  • Enthusiasm from good news (Gospels) will revive Christ (Mat 29:19)

  • The Holy Ghost came down and gave shining passion to serve all (Servant, Romans 12:11)

  • The way of life of the inaugural congregation/Family (Acts of the Apostles 2:41-47) 

Our Logo

    • Cross: Redemption of Christ
    • Dove: Holy Ghost
    • Four pointed light: Bring the light of Christ to the four points of the world (west, east, north, south)
    • Flag: Location of the communities in Indonesia
    • World Globe: let there be light in the world, in the marketplace
    • Palm leaf: The success of Christ 

LOJF Belief

LOJF Belief

LOJF Belief

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